At Planter’s Palette Landscaping, we believe that a landscape should change and develop through each season. Nature is not static, so your landscape should not be either. Our vision is to provide a custom experience for each of our clients. Our team of talented and experienced landscape architects, designers and construction staff can guide you from beginning to end in the creation and maintenance of a unique livable environment.Landscaping Logo

We offer a variety of services:

The Garden Coach – We offer on-site consultations to answer any questions specific to developing and maintaining your landscape.

Design – Experienced landscape architects and designers create custom landscape plans, drawings and details to help you visualize the proposed work.

Installation – With a plan to follow, our knowledgeable and detail oriented construction staff will install high quality landscape and hardscape projects.

Garden Maintenance Services – Every property is different and every client has different needs. We offer a wide variety of garden maintenance services that are customized to meet the needs of your landscape.