Natural, Beneficial Microbes Free with Every Plant!

We strive to grow the best, healthiest plants possible.  Several years ago, we were the first nursery in the Chicago area to grow plants in soil enriched with natural, beneficial microbes and organic fertilizers. Sure it costs a little more to grow plants this way, but we continue this practice because our plants perform better in your gardens.  These beneficial microbes:

  • encourage better root development
  • reduce transplant shock
  • reduce the need for pesticides
  • improve the soil structure

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The Planter’s Palette currently grows more than 2,500 varieties of plants, many of which are listed in the Plant Finder.  Or you can view lists of the plants we offer by clicking on the subheadings under Plants.

We strive to keep the Plant Finder and our plants lists as accurate as possible, however, inventory and prices are subject to change.  Some varieties sell out, and new plants are consistently being added.  If you are looking for a plant not listed, please give us a call.  If you are coming for a specific plant, please call ahead to avoid disappointment.

We are not a mail order company and do not ship plants.  If you live in the area, plants can be delivered for an additional charge based on your location.  If you’d like your plants pre-selected and ready for you to pick up, call your order to 630-293-1040 x 2 or fax it to 630-293-1588.  Please give us 48 hours to get your order ready for you.

Reliable Performers

To help beginning gardeners be successful in their early plant choices, The Planter’s Palette is proud to introduce Reliable Performers – a specially chosen group of perennials – to take the guesswork out of searching dependable perennials.  Each plant on the Reliable Performers team has been carefully selected by The Planter’s Palette staff according to the following rigorous standards:

  1. It must have been grown by a staff member for at least 3 years in their own garden (showing hardiness in northern Illinois gardens).
  2. It must return reliably year after year.
  3. It must be relatively resistant to disease.
  4. It must require a minimal amount of maintenance.
  5. It must be beautiful in flower or foliage.

Stop by and check out our Reliable Performers display and pick up a handout listing all the plants that have made the Reliable Performers team.


Annuals are a punch of color in the landscape.  Many bloom from spring to fall. The Planter’s Palette grows most of the annuals we sell.  We offer one of the largest selections of annuals in the area and choose varieties that we believe will perform best in your garden.


Perennials return year after year to grace our gardens with beauty. The Planter’s Palette grows most of the perennials we sell, and our selection is second to none. From old favorites to the new and unusual, we offer varieties that we expect to grow beautifully in your landscape for years to come.

Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs play an important part in the landscape.  Referred to as the bones of a garden, they provide structure and character.

Custom Containers and ‘Slip-Ins’

Both custom or ready-made containers and ‘Slip-Ins’ are available for your own containers or those purchased in the gift shop.  For all custom designs, there is a charge for labor and materials.  As always, we use only our finest plant materials in appropriate soils.

Custom Plant Orders

If you are purchasing a large number of plants, you can submit a custom plant order.  Bring in a list or fax your order to 630-293-1588.  Our qualified staff will pull your plants and them ready for pick up.  Please allow 48 hours for us to get your plants ready.