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Gardening: A Living Painting

Your Palette of Gardening Resources

Illustrate Your Imagination

Draw Your Design

Take your dreams and lay them out in a design, strategy, or game plan. You can do this on your own or we can help you organize your thoughts and images with simple aid from Garden Center crew members.

landscape garden design by Anthony Tyznik

Acquire Your Colors

Shop for Flowers, Garden Decor, & Fairy Gardens

With your sketch in hand it is time to add in living paint.
Let your imagination run wild as you journey through
our palette of vivid flowers, textured shrubs, magnificent
trees, unique garden decor, pulchritudinous pots,
and other intense adjectives with gardening nouns.
Feel free partake in this journey either in the store or online (coming soon)!


Create Your Masterpiece

Install Your Garden

Let's turn your dreams into a reality! Enjoy the beauty of gardening with your friends, loved ones, or your plants themselves. Prepare the soil, dig each small hole, position each plant, water every day, and watch it grow into something wonderful. 


Each person experiences the joy of gardening in their own way. What is it for you? The Planter's Palette not only enjoys the hard work and sense of community that accompanies this beautiful hobby, but we also love the enchantment and the living masterpieces that result from it. We are fascinated with the fact that gardens, by their very nature, will unceasingly change, always look good, yet never look the same. We like to call it the wonder of nature...

How would you like to start building your dream garden?

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"My garden is my greatest masterpiece."

-Claude Monet

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